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Ireland’s Bishop Doran: A warning and an invitation

Photo: Irish Independent

Catholics who supported repeal of Ireland’s Eighth Amendment protection for the unborn Bishop Doran affirmed are, “clearly out of communion”.

“There is “a genuine sadness” he said In his homily on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, “that Catholics have been among those who publicly and persistently promoted the taking of innocent human life”.

Offering the only true way forward the bishop concluded:“Trusting in the mercy of God which knows no limits, I invite you to turn back to the Gospel of Life where you will find true peace.”

Bishop Doran praised those with the courage to take political and personal risks to protect the unborn.
Where were these guys before the vote?
I would love to see the bishop excommunicate the Catholic politicians who support abortion but we all know that won't happen
He speaks like a profect
A Bishop who iz trully a Bishop. thank God
People who call themselves catholic and are pro abortion, are no longer catholic and should be fined heavily every time they false label themselves....