The Effeminate, Ineffectual Church of Nice


Every week faithful and loyal Catholics are faced with the scandal of so many bishops and priests unwilling to speak out clearly and wholeheartedly in defence of the faith in public life. These same bishops and priests are also incapable of disciplining clergy and laity who dissent from the doctrines of the Church even when their sometimes shocking misbehaviour is brought to their attention.

These bishops are more likely to punish, discipline and silence faithful and loyal Catholics who speak out against this dissent and misbehaviour. (There are exceptions to this catalogue of failure but they are sadly far and few between).

Instead of the Church of Christ, these bourgeois bishops, and their liberal accomplices, have created the Church of Nice.

The psychologist Dr Philip Mango proposes a psychological model that explains the origin of this effeminate, ineffectual Church of Nice.

Dr. Mango, in founding Warrior Brothers, which he describes as “an alliance, a movement, a community of brothers,” is to provide one means by which to restore masculinity, because it is his conviction that “marriage, family, society, and the Church will be strong, and thrive, to the degree that they have masculine men on a mission.”

His Brotherhood encourages men to reject the “hectic, driven, agitated existence” and its attendant “slavery to TV, computers and telephones” and to put God and family before all.

Men are called to action, to servant-leadership, and to self-sacrificial love, and his is an attempt to recapture the true essence of masculinity in a culture increasingly confused about, and hostile to, such ideals.

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