Vatican Gender Document Full Of "Ambiguous" and "Sentimental" Formulations

Dutch Catholic psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg has denounced the June 10 Vatican document “Male and Female He Created Them” published by the Congregation for Education.

The text was hailed by conservative media for rejecting the idea of "gender fluidity."

Talking to, Aardweg called the document "illusionary" and "sentimental" full of "vague" and "ambiguous" formulations, “This is ‘dialogue’ and ‘listening’ and ‘openness’ all over again.”

Aardweg points out that the document falls victim to dialogue ideology, “The enemies of Christianity will dialogue with you in their way, on their terms.”

He points out that the world's aggressive neopagan sexual ideology possesses no wisdom we might share, “The task of the Church is not dialoguing but teaching and correcting.”

He also notices that the text avoids hot topics like sexual sin, chastity, masturbation, adultery, cohabitation, contraception, sterilization, and abortion.

Picture: Gerard van den Aardweg, ©, #newsVjlelmqxtm
Ambiguous and Sentimental Formulations? --that means it was personally authored by Pope Francis himself.
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