Impostor Abuse Victim Squeezes Money from Church – Francis Kisses His Hands

The self-styled “abuse survivor” Marek Lisiński, founder of the Polish “victim” group Do Not Fear is a criminal liar and thief, writes (June 19).

In 2010, Lisiński accused Father Zdzisław Witkowski of “abuses” which allegedly happened in 1980-1981.

But an investigation discovered that in 2007, Lisiński borrowed 5’000 Euro from Father Witkowski based on the lie that his wife had cancer and needed the money for the treatment.

When Father Witkowski discovered the lie, he asked Lisiński to return the money. Lisiński threatened to get him into troubles if he would insist.

Thus, Płock Bishop Piotr Libera at first defended Father Witkowski, but in 2013, for fear of the media, he nevertheless suspended him for three years.

In 2014, Lisiński asked Płock diocese for almost 100’000 Euro. Libera did not pay but gave Lisiński a copy of a [wrongful] decree of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that Father Witkowski was “guilty”. Lisiński used the document to ask a court for 235’000 Euro “compensation.”

Father Witkowski tried to sue Lisiński but Bishop Libera forbad him to do so, indiscriminately applying Pope Francis’ “no-mercy” policy.

Lisiński is the “abuse victim” whose hands Pope Francis kissed last February.

Picture: Marek Lisiński, #newsAjgfezxfsp
why not his feet?