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Dear friends and benefactors!

We ask you to sacrifice your alms for Do you like this unique Catholic project? Please, support it!

If you would like to donate by wire transfer or PayPal, write to:
If you want to use your credit card: donate via the GoFundGloria-campaign. (It can only be set up in Euros. 1 Euro is about 1,05 Dollar.)

· does not have a single paid employee and does not want any.
· has and wants independence - instead of paid advertisement.
· reaches between 3 to over 4 million different users each month.
· is worth your money.

We want to expand In recent months we have translated the user interface of into almost 90 languages. This was mostly paid from faithful Catholics in the German speaking world (yes, they still exist).

The next step is the production of text-news for the language sections. The news will be written in English and translated into all major languages of the world. We need an annual budget of 35 000 Euros (37 000 Dollar) for the translation. We will – Deo volente - set a start with our humble means. Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Help us to keep online and to expand it.

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Usually there is box for pay pal to check and the amount. When I click on the link I only get an email response form.
Also is my donation tax deductible?
I wish you would provide a clear form as to how to donate and whether the donation is tax deductible in the USA