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Dead Cardinal Was Very Saddened By the Present State of the Church

A priest who visited Cardinal Carlo Caffarra recently said that Caffarra started crying in front of him because of the disastrous state of the Church, writes the Vaticanista Antonio Socci. Caffarra, a former archbishop of Bologna, Italy, and one of the four Dubia cardinals, died on September 6th.

The priest relates, that Caffarra "was very sorrowful, but he transmitted to me so much courage and love for the Church." Socci believes that Caffarra died from heartbreak.

Picture: Carlo Caffarra, © Sesquipedale, Wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsSskxjrcaxy

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Prussic acid poisening mimicks heart attack too.
Jim Dorchak
The good Cardinal cried before he passed away over the state of the Church (This is sad)
We have been crying over the past, since our eyes were open to the Truths of Tradition. (This is Sad)
Christ has been crying since VII filled the Church with the smoke of satan. (This is a CRIME against God, his Church and all Catholics who love the Church)
We pray and we cry,,,,,,,,, but most often we should… More
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Rest in peace faithful servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
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