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Bishop Schneider Confirms Vatican Bann

Reports on social media have claimed that Kazakh Bishop Athanasius Schneider has been banned from travelling. (Twitter, November 4) partly confirmed this on Twitter (November 4), “He has been asked to reduce the frequency of his traveling outside his diocese, but has not been banned from all travelling”.

Schneider was moved as an auxiliary bishop in 2011 from Karaganda to Astana, Kazakhstan, although his new bishop said in public that he did not need an auxiliar bishop.

Picture: Athanasius Schneider, © Joseph Shaw, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBofjtatvsg
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Whoever is banning him must be an enemy of truth.
@Tesa I guess he ain’t going to be be walking together anywhere, with synodality.
Merciful Accompaniment
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Bishop Athanasious Schneider for Pope
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Restraint NOW - yet he'll have the freedom they will yearn to have LATER.....
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First step in elimination...His Excellency has my prayers and countless thousands (if not millions) of other Catholics both Young and Old, Male AND female
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Vatican censorship/control works in different ways...
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