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Francis: Cardinal Ratzinger Was Stopped By Vatican “Filters”

During his flight to Rome (February 5) Francis told an anecdote about Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger who during his tenure as the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, wanted to take action against a religious community because of alleged “sexual and economic corruption".

Francis explained that Ratzinger was stopped by “filters” in the Vatican.

John Paul II received Ratzinger to talk about the case. According to Francis, when Ratzinger returned from the audience, he said to his secretary about the file regarding the case: "Store it in the archive, the other party has won". It is likely that the case regarded the Legionaries of Christ.

Ratzinger found their founder Father Marcial Maciel guilty of homosexual abuses. But the then Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, intervened in order to discontinue the investigation.

Once Ratzinger became pope, he reopened the case.

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Dr Bobus
Sodano was not in favor or Bergoglio--too radical. Sodano, however, was opposed to BXVI..

Sodano is neo con--he thought the Church could be both Catholic and Protestant.
Didn't Cardinal Sodano support the election of Jorge Bergoglio? Yes. Wasn't Cardinal Sodano in charge of the ballot box? Yes. Did Pope Benedict weaponise Marciel by promoting him or even allowing him to retain his office after becoming Pope? No.