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Cardinal Burke Has Thought About Being Excommunicated

Cardinal Raymond Burke has said to (April 17) that he has envisioned to be excommunicated by Pope Francis for resisting the [heretical] direction of Amoris Laetitia on communion for adulterers.

But Burke remembered in this context Saint Athanasius who was exiled for defending the orthodox truth of the two natures in the one Divine Person of Our Lord.

Athanasius was exiled at least five times during his life because he fought against the Arian heresy and maintained that Jesus Christ is God.

Pope Liberius - a predecessor of Pope Francis - excommunicated the saint.

Libor Halik mentioned this post in Cardinal Burke Has Thought About Being Excommunicated. Cardinal Raymond Burke has said to LifeSiteN….
Lots of words but never any action. Cardinal Burke is NO Athanasius and never will be.
He suffers with the burden God has placed on his shoulders, or the humiliations and approbium he receives from his brothers in the episcopat
Novus Ordo Watch replied to Cardinal Burke:
«Cardinal Raymond Burke discusses excommunication:… We encourage him to review Denz. 1441-1442.…/986309536213553…
This needs to be clarified because those who lead the false resistance say that we must resist Bergoglio and at the same time recognize him as a pope this is a heresy.
It was not Pope Liberius, but the pseudo-bishop Ischyras, who, before usurping the see of Alexandria, expelled St. Athanasius from his seat.

Pope Pius VI, Charitas, # 14, April 13, 1791:
"Perhaps in the recognition of these action… More
adeste fideles
Debemos comentar en español en esta página de lengua inglesa, porque en nuestro idioma tiene cerrada la posibilidad de comentar..
adeste fideles
Su Santidad el Papa Benedicto XVI no lo excomulgaría... Dios lo bendiga Cardenal Burke, Jesucristo está con usted, amén.
Joseph a' Christian
You and me both. Excommunicated by a demon, and his legion of homos- so be it.

Every Word of our beautiful Jesus, is True, is Life.
I love Thee my Lord- Josef a repeat sinner.
its never too late ,you never know
Perfect opportunity to provide Francis with real charity by resisting his errors and defending Christ who is head of His Church. Don't miss the opportunity! All it takes is one courageous man.