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Young Catholics Resist Luther

Catholic youngsters prayed a rosary of reparation during a commemoration of the German heresiarch Martin Luther in the church Notre Dame des Blancs Manteux in Paris on October 31.

During the event, a female Protestant preacher danced in front of the altar. In the attendance were mainly old liberals. Some of them called the police which forcefully removed the young Catholics from the church.

A similar rosary was prayed during a Lutheran commemoration in Brussels Cathedral on October 28. It had similar consequences.

Picture: Medias-Presse-Info, #newsFrbezwaerw

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GJA Taylor
The old dear with the grey jacket is full of venom.
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GJA Taylor
Is the woman in the white nylon coat ill? Is she on something?
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Catholics who suffered sold short by their own
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Deacon Nick Donnelly comments this on Twitter: "Assaulted by members of the congregation and arrested by the police. This is Francis' church of mercy"

Cardinal Napier answers (by attacking Nick and defending "might"): "No! Deacon Nick. This is what happens when you & I fail to take responsibility for our own actions which are out of step with what God is calling us to do as His images & … More
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Catholics everywhere specially the younger ones stand up for Truth ,because like Jesus said "the Truth will set us free "" have courage
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Joseph a' Christian
Don't be bigots officers, leave the pedofile, murderer Muhammad's gang be, to run over numerous people with their trucks. That's their religion.
Keep spending your time arresting young Catholics, saying the rosary. Let them know that they belong in the pubs getting drunk.

Almighty God bless you, faithful, young disciples of Christ.
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I'll bet the organisers weren't happy with that! Yet while there are young Catholic men like that in France she is not lost.
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