German Priest Has Blessed Gay Pseudo-Marriages Fifty Times - Publicly

In the last fifteen years Father Christoph Simonsen, a university chaplain in Aachen, Germany, has blessed about fifty gay pseudo-marriages. The sacrileges took place in different churches, mostly …
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Politicians pushed this idea ,now some clergy are pushing this idea aswell Why ?? most people know why others they live on top of a fence
Roberto 55
pseudo priest has only pseudo blessing
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When I first converted to Roman Catholicism, I had a terrifying spiritual experience that proved to me that the Devil was very real and that the only way to stop him was to say "Leave me alone, in the Name of Jesus Christ!" The experience was given to me twice - in rapid succession - I can only view the reason for it was

a) to wake me up that Satan was real
b) show to me that his power was remov… More
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And then the psuedo homo kouples, blessed the homo psuedo priest.

Jesus Is Freedom, the Giver Of Life.
Looks qualified
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