Old Rite Carmel Makes Fourth Foundation

The Old Rite Carmelites of Valparaiso, Nebraska, opened their fourth offshoot in Flairfield, Harrisburg Diocese (LifeSiteNews video below).

The Valparaiso nuns embraced the original Roman Rite in 2000. This caused a rapid increase in vocations.

They founded a second monastery in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, took over the Philadelphia Carmel in 2017, and opened a Carmel in Australia in March.

Fairfield monastery is still under construction but has already ten professed nuns.

Fairfield Mother Stella told LifeSiteNews (August 13) that young women are “very much drawn” to the Old Roman Liturgy and the original form of the Carmelite Divine Office.

After returning to the Old Latin Mass, all Carmelite customs made sense again, Mother Stella said, “whereas before that, there had been a disconnect.”


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Looks like Francis is going to have to shut down another order for suspicion of Catholicism
They are too rigid damn. Pray all day. Off with their heads.
God bless them every day and let them fill the world with their monasteries.
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