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Exercise in Mercy: How Munich Archdiocese Tries to Kill a Monastery

Munich archdiocese is trying to close down the Franciscan Sisters of Reutberg, Bavaria, Germany, according to Peter Seewald writing on (June 6). Seewald published several interview books with Joseph Ratzinger.

Presently only two sisters live in Reutberg, supported by the local citizens, including the mayor. If the monastery is closed down all its goods go to the archdiocese.

Since 2010 Munich Cardinal Marx, a close ally of Pope Francis, imposed on the sisters a external superior and an administration company. Until today the sisters paid for the latter 500'000 Euro. The husband of the company’s owner is a member in the financial committee of Munich archdiocese.

The Archdiocese refused sisters from at least five different communities who wanted to come and help. Another sister managed to stay for a short time. But then the archdiocese ordered her to leave because she was "stabilizing" the Reutberg community.

Officially, the archdiocese claimed that the sister was called back in accordance with her abbess who however said in writing that this was the sole decision of the archdiocese.

A woman who knows the sisters from her childhood, considered entering but was ordered (sic!) to stay away. Other women who showed interest were also sent away.

Picture: Reutberg, © Rufus46, CC BY-SA, #newsCukvjegczp
Marx is the heretic of all heretics, since Martini went to Hell.