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Woman-Dog-Insemination - Cardinal Schönborn "Does Not Want To Judge"

The Austrian "art" festival Ars Electronica, that is funded by the Austrian state and by money from the EU, will award September 8 Slowenian "artist" Maja Smrekar for taking one of her ova and inseminating it with the sperm of her dog.

The press speaker of Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn points out that this did not create a new life and that he “does not want to judge on the artistic value” of Smrekar's asininity, the newspaper Heute writes.

Picture: Christoph Schönborn, © Evangelische Kirche in Österreich, CC BY-SA, #newsGejqzawjwb

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These frauds are so convinced they have destroyed the Church that they're outing themselves almost on a daily basis.
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Angie W.
78. God will judge all perpetrators of fornication, sodomy and bestiality (Scivias) Hildegard of Bingen, O.S.B.

Deuteronomy 27:21

“Cursed be anyone who lies with any animal.” All the people shall say, “Amen!”
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Angie W.
Warning the link has one of the many picture XXX of the pervert Zoophilia Maja Smrekar this is one of the Article:…/Eizellen--Kunst…
This is the whole Hybrid-Project about:

“... an ovum provided by the artist was denucleated and used as a host for a somatic cell of her dog. The result is a hybrid cell, inherent in which is a dystopian scenario but which also could create a new species whose chances of survival on Planet Earth are better than ours—due in no small part to the probability that this hybrid creature would treat … More
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GJA Taylor
H.E. Card. Schonborn is Pope Francis best pal. What a great pair of mystics they really are. Cliffs and lemmings come to mind.
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I hope I am alive to see the time when Christ decides to cleanse His Church of the filth currently defiling Her. There will be much suffering for us until then, as there is now. It will be worth it to watch that stupid smirk on Schonborn's face disappear. The look that will replace it will be nourishment to all tortured souls. These modernist sob's don't fear God because they don't believe in … More
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My God, man! What do you have to see before you can judge it abominable? Heaven weeps.
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I can't imagine a stronger example of seeking to relegate the Church to a dust heap.
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