Green Is the New Red: The Metamorphosis of Communism

What is the green movement all about? Where did it come from? What is its ideology? Does it have a solid scientific backing for its theories? Is there a hidden agenda behind it? Does the green movement have communist roots?
The environmental or “green” movement is defined and spurred by the issues of global warming, climate change, sustainable development1, naturalism2 and other environmental concerns.

While a majority of Americans, influenced by the persistent leftist media, may accept that climate change is happening, the justifications for its predictions and theories have always been controversial and divisive. Amongst the different agendas behind the climate change issue, there is one that is most controversial and disturbing. It is the study that shows that 62% of Americans believe that climate change is largely caused by humans.

In spite of all the global push, the earth’s climate is remarkably stable by historical standards, and there is no real proof that man is causing the warming or cooling of the planet. Such claims are based on outright fraud, and the real agenda behind is clearly political.
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