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Germany: “Seminarian Mocked For Refusing To Have Gay Sex With Professor”

Beverly Stevens, a married American woman, writes on (June 25) that a young man in "the Frankfurt, Germany, seminary" told her that his teacher allegedly openly mocked him at lunch gatherings because he had refused to have homosexual intercourse with him.

In Frankfurt there exists only the inter-diocesan seminary St Georgen in Frankfurt which is run by the Jesuits and trains priests from various German dioceses.

According to Stevens the seminarians are often in a quandary, "If they acquiesce, they are prey for blackmail their entire careers; if they refuse, they are openly humiliated and mocked, until they leave."

Picture: St Georgen, Frankfurt © Gaki64, CC BY-SA, #newsJrwallpppk
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Gerald May
That's called sexual harassment. Prof Pervert should be called out on it.
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Document it all down and expose these sodomites.
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