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Null and Void: Francis "Laicises" Abuse Bishops

Pope Francis has "laicised" on October 13 two retired Chilean Bishops as a "punishment" for alleged homosexual abuses.

The first is former La Serena Archbishop Francisco José Cox, 84, a member of the Schönstatt Movement whom Paul VI named a bishop in 1974. Cox retired in 1997 and lives in Germany. In 1981, John Paul II named him Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family, but Cox resigned after only three months and was appointed a diocesan bishop in Chile. His effusive preferences for young men was evident. He was never confronted with law suits.

The second is former Iquique Bishop Marco Antonio Órdenes, 54. A gynaecologist, Órdenes became a priest in 1996 under the influence of John Paul II. He was named in 2006 by Benedict XVI as the youngest bishop in Chile's history. Órdenes allegedly abused Rodrigo Jelcic beginning from 1997 when Jelcic was 15/16 years old. He later claimed that he was "in love" with the bishop. Jelcic went to the police in 2008 after he found out that at the time Órdenes had other homosexual "lovers".

The pope, being a bishop like Cox or Órdenes, has never received from Christ the power to "laicise" another bishop. Therefore, Francis' measure is null and void.

Picture: © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTbeemnlolw
Don Reto Nay
@CatMuse: A part from the fact that this "Rite of degradation" is quite obscure (was it ever applied?), the question remains: On the basis of what can one successor of the apostles say to another successor of the Apostles: "You are not a successor of the apostles anymore"? The bishop of Basel who resigned in 1995 and since has married and has a daughter, is listed as "Bishop emeritus". Why was … More
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