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Tobin's diocese fires teacher for presenting Ralph Martin letter on homosexual abuse

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey, October 15, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic school religion teacher has been fired for sharing an article with her students and their parents mentioning the “homosexual scandal” involved in the clerical sex abuse crisis written by a highly respected, orthodox Catholic theology professor, Dr. Ralph Martin.

Joan Simon, a veteran Catholic school religion teacher with more than forty years of experience was informed October 9 — on her first day back to work from disability — that she had to either resign or be fired for disseminating the letter, apparently because administration at St. Dominic Academy in Jersey City, New Jersey, found it to be at odds with their beliefs.

The article, titled, Dear Troubled Catholics, penned by Martin eloquently and powerfully expresses the disturbed shock of many at the grave, mostly homosexual scandals rocking the Church right now. At one point, Martin writes:

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All over the world, in the catholic as well as in the civilian, truth is replaced by a "tolerant, irrefutable, amazing, unknown...." dogma. And those who firmly hold the former but eternal truth are expelled and exiled. But Athanasius, the Immortal, won all battles.
Joseph a' Christian
@johnandannette - From my experiences at different parrishes, we the faithful are by far, the minority. Error, willfulness and maliciousness are everywhere.

Although the world is rancid, dead. Jesus Is Great.
Yes, it seems there are two sides emerging. There will be no more sitting on the fence. I choose to believe the true teaching of the Catholic faith. I know it to be true. The ones who are trying to pass of this false contradiction are fooling themselves. There are obviously some Bishops who are fooling themselves and going down that road as well. The Spirit of the world is having its way with … More