Second Cardinal Withdraws From World Meeting of Families

Liberal Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, 77, has withdrawn from the pro-gay Dublin World Meeting of Families (August 21-26) according to He was scheduled to give a keynote address. …
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I see now. Archbishop Eamon Martin is taking Cardinal Wuerl's spot at the WMF.
Who will replace Cardinal Wuerl as keynote speaker on Wednesday at the World Meeting of Families? The official website still has Wuerl listed.
Wuerl and McCarrick For Prison: WHERE they BELONG!!!
Is the Buddha in the picture wearing the sheet, that he and Wuerl spent the night in?
Almighty God strengthen your faithful children.
Dr Bobus
With Wuerl's reported cover up of sexual problems of priests and his close relationship with McQueerick, he's making every effort not to seem pro homosexual.

Which raises a question: What will the pope be like in the next 6 months? Will Maradiaga, Farrell, Wuerl, and Tobin continue in their present positions? Will he recognize--finally--that much of the Church has lost faith in him? Will … More
angry bob
They should cancel the whole thing. Although the Irish have probably spent a lot of money on it. They could support the alternative Conference of Catholic Families.
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