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Francis Prompted to Withdraw Order From Pro-Death-Activist

Father Peter West calls on Pope Francis to withdraw the Order of St Gregory the Great from Lilianna Ploumen due to her pro-abortion activism.

An associate pastor at St John’s Church in New Jersey, USA, West stated on social media (January 14) that the Church must not honour those who believe in having a right to kill the unborn,

“For Pope Francis to bestow an award on a pro-abortion activist would be the equivalent of Jesus bestowing an award on Herod.” West reminds that Jesus did not bestow honours on public sinners nor affirm them in their sins.

Picture: Peter West, #newsOgxzbcepfp
Jim Dorchak
Praise God our Lord and Savior there are good Priests still out there! Jesus look over this man and keep him safe and pure. Fortify him in his fighting for your word. WOW!
De Profundis
@lelkihaz I saw a screenshot of West's post. It was a comment on facebook.
Which social media? On tweeter not, on Fb not... Where??? What is this? A fake news page???...
Nice try, father West, but why would pope Francis withdraw this Order from Lilianne Ploumen while he is so content to promote her pro abortion and LGTB agenda?
Great Job Father Peter West , God bless you, where is the voice of other priests and bishops , Those that speak the Truth ,the Truth will set them free