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Does Cardinal Sarah Want the Tridentine Mass to Disappear?

On the 10th anniversary of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum Cardinal Robert Sarah said to the French magazine La Nef, that he wants to return to one common reformed rite. The chairman of …
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The real story here is how Cardinal Sarah has somehow been able to fool so many into believing he is orthodox. He is just another modernist tinkerer. The real Mass is fine as it is. Discard the novus ordo for the rubbish that it is and always has been. No other tinkering necessary.
I'll tell you what is really really disturbing to me. There has been talk for a very long time now about 'changing' the Mass. (the N.O. Mass but also the TLM) Bergoglio has set up a very secretive and private 'commission' to study this 'Mass change', because as has been reported, there are a number of those in the hierarchy that 'dissatisfied' with the Mass both in the old and in the new rite. … More
I agree, thanks for the links as well.
Here is a proposal by Fr. Richard Heilman who works alongside a priest many know as "Fr. Z." He isn't suggesting as Cardinal Sarah a sort of "third way" but definitely sees the New Rite, done right, can serve to lead the faithful, particularly those who have known nothing else, to the Tridentine Mass. Would we disagree? Forgive my bringing in a, sort of, segway...
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@charisma it is what Cardinal Sarah is suggesting, which is why I asked.
@Jungerheld , it is not the choice of the community either to decide nor to have impact on procedures like this. Unfortunately. All we can do is to pray for the leaders of the Church to follow Christ and not something else.
What does the community think of a common calendar and lectionary between the Tridentine Mass and the New Rite?
There is only one thing that is infinitely pleasing to God; The traditional Catholic mass. The Novus Ordo is odious to Him. It is a protestant version of the mass, which makes it no mass at all. It is poison and should be treated as such by Catholics. Cardianl Sarah is trying to put lipstick on a pig and it simply can never work.
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