Francis Encourages Lisbon Cardinal to Keep Promoting Mortal Sin

Pope Francis personally thanked Lisbon Cardinal Manuel Clemente for propagating the immoral teachings contained in Amoris Laetita in a Lenten letter to the Lisbon priests.

Clemente follows the heterodox Buenos Aires guidelines approved by Francis.

Francis’ June 26 letter to the "beloved Brother Cardinal" was published by Clemente on July 12 on

Francis calls Clemente's controversial text a "profound reflexion" which "fills me with joy".

Although Clemente promotes sin, Francis calls him a "shepherd who accompanies the faithful" [into the abyss] and encourages Clemente "to integrate the fragility [adultery] which shows itself in many forms in couples”.

At the end of the letter Francis does not impart his apostolic blessing.

I wonder if the publication of this letter is meant to put pressure on the Bishops in Portugal, namely the Ordinaries of Coimbra and Funchal, who have so far rejected admitting divorced and 'remarried' to Holy Communion.
Manuel Clemente is an accomplice of Bergoglio in the Eucharistic Sacrilege
Joseph a' Christian: Deje de llamar a Bergoglio Papa. Un enemigo destructivo de nuestra Iglesia, no puede ser la verdadera cabeza de nuestra gran Iglesia, eso es sentido común.
Una fe verdadera, en el único y verdadero Cristo, proclamado por la única verdadera remanente fiel Iglesia.
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Stop naming Bergoglio Pope. A destructive enemy of our Church, can not be the true head of our great Church, that is kommon sense.
One true faith, in the one true Christ, proklaimed by the one true remnant faithful- Church.
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Another apostate accomplice created cardinal by the heresiarch Bergoglio to support his own apostasy…/pope-francis-pe…
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Coward bishops do nothing as more souls are guided to hell.
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