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Francis Insinuates That The Devil Is Alone In Hell

Pope Francis mentioned in his December 11 homily an unnamed priest who complained about everything to the point that his companions joked about what he would say to St Peter upon arriving in heaven:

Father X to Peter: “Where’s hell?”
Peter shows Father X hell.
Father X: “How many condemned are there?”
Peter: “Just one”
Father X: “What a disaster salvation is.”

Barb Miller asks on Aleteia: "'Just one' person in hell? I don't follow..."

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, CC BY-NC, #newsTuluaiazcc
There'll be TWO there shortly Jorge!

St Pio stated that LUTHER and his supporters were confirmed to be in Hell (bad luck for choosing to support him instead of Our Lord Bergoglio)

Also, Padre Pio once had this conversation with a man who said he didn't believe in Hell either.

The man said to Padre Pio

"Oh, I don't believe in Hell"

To which the Saint replied

"You'll believe in it when you … More
Dr Bobus
Sounds like another of the Pope's straw men.