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District Attorney: U.S. Bishop Was Falsely Accused of Homosexual Abuse

Fort Wayne-South Bend Bishop Kevin Rhoades, 60, is not guilty of any wrongdoing regarding an alleged abuse of J.T. who died in 1996, a Pennsylvania district attorney has concluded on September 13.

The district attorney noticed that unnecessary harm was done to the bishop's reputation by [illegally] leaking accusations to the press.

A cousin of J.T. made up the story that Rhoades had improper contacts with J.T. while travelling with him when he was a minor.

But the district attorney concluded that Rhoades never met J.T. while he was a minor.

The diocese criticises the bishop’s condemnation “in the court of public opinion”, an expression meaning the oligarch media.

Picture: Kevin Rhoades, #newsXyaileddyr
That cousin of J.T. needs to answer in court for the trouble and harm to reputation caused. This sick sin is very serious and accusations of this nature are very grave matters. Both real abusers AND false accusers where there is no doubt need to be punished severely. This is not simply a case of not enough evidence but clear defamation. What does the DA intend to do with that cousin. This is an … More