Pope Francis Has Gone Old Rite!

On Sunday, Pope Francis baptized 27 children in the Sixtine Chapel for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

After the reading of the Gospel, he gave a short homily addressing the parents and godparents. The homily began like this [Italian video here].

“At the beginning of the ceremony, you were asked the question: “What do you ask for your children?” And all of you have said: “The Faith”.

But this does not correspond to the New Rite baptism where the question “What do you ask for your children?” is answered with: “Baptism”.

The text as quoted by Francis, was used until Paul VI's controversial liturgical changes in the aftermath of Second Vatican Council.

At the end of the ceremony, Francis celebrated Mass at the altar facing God [video below].


Those who know the Tridentine Mass what we see is that Bergoglio profaned the altar of the Sistine Chapel, even he had done much earlier when he allowed the Sistine Chapel was used as if it were a parish hall for a concert by the Rock band U2 promoter of abortion and the vice of homosexuality.
Impressive ... is this "leading by example" ...
Read headline as a thanksgiving prayer: Francis has gone ! – Old rite!
Antonio Abad 11 hours ago

Right, this Mass is from the Novus the Sistine Chapel the altar is embedded in the wall and was not removed because the original architecture will damaged. It was a matter of keeping the chapel in its original form, but nothing about the Faith.
Bergoglio used the Novus Ordo mass not the old rite. On the contrary the Priest who celebrates the Tridentine Mass in Latin when he consecrates in Latin does it in silence and the other consecrating priests kneel.
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