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German Bishop Announces Communion To Protestants - and to Everybody

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf of Mainz, Germany, has called the Vatican decision disallowing Protestant Communion „baffling“.

He announced to the Allgemeine Zeitung (June 11) that he is not going to accept the decision and will continue giving Holy Communion to Protestants.

As predicted by, Kohlgraf also opens the way for giving Communion to anybody.

The paper confronts him with his [stupid] prior statement "Do we really think we need to protect God by determining who is allowed to go to communion?" to which Kohlgraf replies, "Yes, this question imposes itself".

Picture: Peter Kohlgraf, © Bistum Mainz, Presse, #newsRfewufflzj
We need a saintly pope to excommunicate people like this!
Another child of the apostate devil, Judas.
Rome never seems to call these heretics out......funny that!!
This man is neither Catholic nor a bishop
Jim Dorchak
@HerzMariae They need to consecrate a new Bishop since the one they have is NOT.
Holy Cannoli mentioned this post in Don Reto That dancing individual is simply a German Protestant who did the same celebratory dance ….
The diocese of Mainz (40,000 Catholics) will consecrate ONE priest this year.