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Communion In The Hand - Denied In The Vatican

On Pentecost Sunday several priests refused to give Holy Communion in the hand in Vatican St Peter's Basilica.

They put Holy Communion as it should be on the tongue.

Twitter-User CatholicSat explained (May 25) that there was an increasing number of abuses over the recent months.

Therefore priests have been reminded again that Communion in the hand is prohibited in the Vatican.


Communion in the hand may be prohibited for the goyum but popes including Benedict have distributed communion in the hand to dignitaries. I wonder how many of those who have received have gone to confession within the last 6 months? Would be an interesting survey.
A soul can do nothing that is more pleasing to God than to communicate in a state of grace. – St. Alphonsus Liguori
I wonder if people were outraged over being denied communion in the hand? They have been brainwashed into believing they can touch the eucharist with unconsecrated hands
GJA Taylor
If Holy Communion is to be given on the tounge , what's with this choir member sticking his hands out?