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Monastery Grows Pineapples in Northern Russia

Two years ago the monks of the famous Orthodox monastery on Valaam Island in northern Russia were given pineapples as a gift from a pilgrim. They planted a pair of them in their greenhouse. Now the first bright yellow pineapples, presumably Columbian, have appeared. The average February temperature in the area is -8 Celsius. In response to the recent anti-Russian sanctions Valaam also increased its amount of farm-raised trout, patented its own cheese brand, and gathered its first grain harvest last year.

Picture: ©, #newsKlnqphhary

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Dr Stuart Reiss
Some of These monks from Valaam came to London, and sang in choir, they did a repertoire of their chant to the mother of was the end Russia will save western civilisation (ironically they are considered eastern) as theyve done before from Nazism....Fabulous theyve grown pinaples too
Holy Cannoli
You vant some pineapple, my vittle pussykat?