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Beloved Francis Wants to “Shake Up" Church

Pope Francis told Corina Mortola Rodríguez, a Mexican delegate at the Youth Synod, during a coffee break that young people must “shake up" the Church.

Talking at a press conference (, October 13) Mortola added that many non-believers "love" the Pope.

[It is irrelevant whether non-believers are "loving" the Pope as long as they remain non-believers.]

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Frank believes, al right. He believes in POWER, as the gnostic kabalist-communist that he is. As his fathers, Karl Marx, Shabbetai Tzevi and Jakob Frank (his eponimus). Marx once said: "it is exclusive: or God has the power or man has the power. It is impossible that both have it"... And pope Frank said: "He didn't make miracles, He wasn't a magician" (in reality, the magician slur was said … More
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@alex j vox populi. I hadn’t read your comment before posting mine. The Holy Spirit spoke to both of us of the same thing. Presto that’s now ordinary magisterium. It’s official the Pope’s an athiest because we said so
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Non believers love the pope because he’s one of them. I’d like to have Westminster Cathedral shaken please. It’s an ugly monstrosity. Whilst we are at it can I give a list of names of churches that I’d like thoroughly shaken until not one brick is on another?
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alex j
Frankly - pun intended - I feel like shaking Francis up and by doing so shake out the trite he constantly verbals. So non-believers love Francis, they are in good company then, because he [Francis] doesn't believe in to much either.
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