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Beloved Francis Wants to “Shake Up" Church

Pope Francis told Corina Mortola Rodríguez, a Mexican delegate at the Youth Synod, during a coffee break that young people must “shake up" the Church.

Talking at a press conference (, October 13) Mortola added that many non-believers "love" the Pope.

[It is irrelevant whether non-believers are "loving" the Pope as long as they remain non-believers.]

Frank believes, al right. He believes in POWER, as the gnostic kabalist-communist that he is. As his fathers, Karl Marx, Shabbetai Tzevi and Jakob Frank (his eponimus). Marx once said: "it is exclusive: or God has the power or man has the power. It is impossible that both have it"... And pope Frank said: "He didn't make miracles, He wasn't a magician" (in reality, the magician slur was said … More
alex j
Frankly - pun intended - I feel like shaking Francis up and by doing so shake out the trite he constantly verbals. So non-believers love Francis, they are in good company then, because he [Francis] doesn't believe in to much either.