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Holy Cannoli
Don Reto Nay
Healy is under accusation of having taken bribes.

By whom? It’s obvious who gets their news from Marxist left Anti-Trump sources like the Communist News Network, the slime at the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and other like minded sources (WaPo, NYT, LA Times etc.). CREW is a bunch of lefties who are simply trying to impugn a tremendously successful UN … More
Don Reto Nay
Holy Cannoli: "Butcher of Baghdad" . Baghdad was destroyed by the Americans. The reason is that Haley never got along with the Butcher of Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and Ukraine (aka: Donald Trump). Further Healy is under accusation of having taken bribes.
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I though Bush was the Butcher of Baghdad of Bashra of Beirut of Tikrit of Kabul of Kandahar of Aleppo of Cairo etc etc
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Holy Cannoli
Big difference.

Nikki Haley left office of her own volition.
Assad (aka: the Butcher of Baghdad) will be removed as the result of a Coup d'état.