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Francis Claims That "The Left Always Looks For New Ways"

In his interview book Dominique Wolton confronts Pope Francis with the blatantly false statement that the Vatican is "more severe" with leftwing liberals than with convinced Catholics, and asks why this is so.

Francis who himself treats Catholics with rigid severity and defends the old liberal ways and protects the liberal status quo, answers, "This is perhaps because the left always looks for new ways, while when the status quo is maintained, when rigidity is practiced, this does not constitute a threat and permits to live quietly."

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Sunamis 46
blame it on the left
Well he is right, they look for new ways to destroy the TRUTH! Is it not a wonder he likes them..
I am not a supporter of the SSPX but considering how Archbishop Lefevre was treated and how many 'liberal' bishops have gotten away with all sorts of malpractice I can only say that the Holy Father is speaking from what he would like to believe and not what has actually happened. Under Paul VI the liberals got free reign. Under St John Paul and Benedict there were efforts to clamp down on the … More