Abortionist Admits He's Killing

Abortionist Admits He's Killing

The abortionist in the 2009 video below admits what he does is killing. He also describes aborting 9 and 10-year-old girls.

What the reporter failed to ask as a follow-up was whether he reports these cases of child sex abuse to authorities. Obviously, a little one who's pregnant is being sexually abused.

The abortionist is a mandatory reporter. He is REQUIRED to report this criminal activity to the police.

Butcher Boyd now works at a New Mexico abortion mill where they will kill a healthy late term baby for NO MEDICAL REASON and Medicaid will pay for it. The cost of these abortions is 9-16 thousand dollars of your tax money!

There should be a public demand for every abortion mill to report minor's abortions because, in many cases, these children are victims of statutory rape or incest with adult men. In other cases they are abused by older minors.

As for Boyd's description of his "prayer," that is simply diabolical. To pray as you murder someone is a hallmark of ritualistic killing and typical in Satanic activity.


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One can see by looking at this man's face that his spirit is disturbed. Because he has the God-given ability to know right from wrong. People tend to dismiss bad behavior by saying someone is mentally incompetent. In some cases yes, but there are just some people who are just plain evil.
"Am I killing? -Yes,I know that.I'm ordained in Baptist Ministry..." - ovvoiced ovr by reporter's :"He is now Unitarian..." The smoke of Satan bragging seven hundred years ago about :"They divide themselves against themselves" truly had entered the church -the body of believers
holyrope 3
Pray to end this horrible Scourge of innocent life.
Yes....they know they are killling. Even some women know their child inside them will be killed in an abortion.....but as long as it's legal, they don't care what they do.

They have no fear of any comeback in the next they don't believe in God or Heaven or Hell. As long as there are no earthly consequences for them....they don't care whether its killing or not. Their conscience doesn't exist.