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“Francis Speaks About Abolishing Celibacy”

Modernist Munich Cardinal Marx has declared that Pope Francis speaks with his councilors about abolishing priestly celibacy. As a member of Council of Cardinals, Marx is one of Francis’ closest councilors.

Marx spoke at a meeting of the Committee of Catholics in Bavaria in Munich on Friday.

The Austrian theologian Paul Zulehner, a rabid enemy of the Catholic Faith and foe of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, was invited to speak at the same meeting. He expressed his conviction that Francis will abolish celibacy “if nobody shoots or poisons him”.

The German Church has lost any spiritual or moral relevance. It has become and empty structure run by money and well-paid church employees. It is not surprising that these functionaries oppose a true commitment to the Church as expressed in celibate life.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Wolfgang Roucka, Erzdiözese München, Wikipedia CC BY-SA, #newsVdxyyxcpbh
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A lot of bad things came from germany before and this is another one
"Abolish" celibacy? That's a hoot. The real news headline would be that they finally decided to enforce it.
Abolishing priestly celibacy would greatly please Satan and the demons. Their ultimate goal of destroying the Church would be that much closer.