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Animals protected, Christians less important

Ignatius Aphrem II: "We see animal and vegetable species on protection lists but feel we Christians not as important."

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban: European politicians must put aside political correctness and do all they can to help persecuted christians, call things by their real name, point to threats, tell the facts. Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world yet hardly reported

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By the way, the EU- and UN politicians don´t also protect or respect neither the life of the population, animals or nature by their wind turbines.
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How could atheist EU-politicians protect Christians...?
The only ones who they protect are those who hate them as themselves do, as Talmud Jews and Islamic immigrants, and millions of their familiy members, to bring them to Europe. They do everything for money... Victor Orban should know better that they hunt since decades Christian layers in all areas, today more than ever.
Guess why the Germa… More
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