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College of Cardinals in Serious Troubles – Cardinal Burke

The College of Cardinals which eventually will have to elect the next pope, is “in a very bad way” - Cardinal Raymond Burke told on October 21.

He mentioned that Pope Francis has not convened a meeting of cardinals for four years [although he loves to speak about "dialogue" and "collegiality"].

Last time, Francis reunited the cardinals - who are supposed to be his closest collaborators - in February 2014 in order to expose them to a talk in which Cardinal Walter Kaspers propagated the sacrilege of Communion for adulterers.

Further, Burke called Francis’ secret deal with the Chinese Communists “absolutely unconscionable” and “a betrayal of so many confessors and martyrs who suffered for years and years and were put to death.”

Picture: Raymond Burke, 2014 © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBzbrruwpvx
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Excuse me, Larry Cera? I searched for about an hour and I never found any mention on the web about Cardinal Burke con-celebrating with either Cardinal Kasper or Pope Francis. Don't fling manure around. The wind may change back to your direction.
Dr Bobus
St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis

Do you know who elected Cardinal Ratzinger? It was 3rd World Cardinals, none of whom are liberals.

An unnamed US Archishop, a supporter of Francis, said a few weeks ago that if the conclave were held now, Burke would be elected. And that was before the Vigano' letters. I doubt that is so, but any sizable block of Burke votes would indicate the direction of the … More
John said to Him "Teacher,we saw a man who was driving out demons in your name ,and we told him to stop ,because he doesnt belong to our group"Do not try to stop him "Jesus said For Who ever is not against us ,is for us " My friends dont hate catholics that go to Novus Ordo Mass " They are as good catholics as anybody else . most catholics where born under ,Vatican II ,dont forget Got wrights … More
Larry Cera
So said Burke, who then left the interview to concelebrate a Novus Ordo “mass” with the very same heretical prelature.....
@Dr Bobus It’s pie in the sky to think there’d be a change in ‘direction’ at the next conclave. As much as the last one was rigged the next one would be more so, with college of cardinals packed with Frankenstein’s clones, there can be no other outcome.
Dr Bobus
St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis

IMHO, the next conclave will be a reaction to Francis.
Questa è la stessa difficoltà che tanti, anche nei nostri giorni, sperimentano. Tanti non riescono più a considerare ciò che è bene e ciò che è male, dove è il Bene e dove è il Male. Questo è dovuto a diversi fattori. Uno: dai tempi duri e difficili che stanno vivendo, nei quali il maligno è scatenato e cerca di divorare quante più anime possibili. Due: dalla quantità dei valori e dall'… More
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@frjimanderson God speaks loud and clear, but franky and his minions insist on interrupting and interpreting.
God will hear our prayers and respond how and when He chooses. Don't let your hearts lose hope...
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The next conclave is fixed already just like the last one was. And all the synods since then. It’d be Tagle to be next pope. Francis dare not call cardinals together because he can’t be in the same room as Burke. Who might ask him about Dubia. Meanwhile Franky will say he’s amazingly collegial because he meets regularly with his group of nine lackeys and the VICE pope ( Cardinal of VICE ‘… More
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"The next conclave". This bears more dread than hope.
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