Pelosi: ‘I am going to stick with fellow Catholics’ ...

Pelosi: ‘I am going to stick with fellow Catholics’ in supporting Obama birth control mandate

February 6, 2012 -
Pelosi was confronted at last Wednesday’s press briefing by a reporter from, who began by pointing out that the mandate, which requires all employers to cover all sterilizations and contraception, including drugs that can cause early abortions, forces Catholic individuals and institutions to act against Church teaching.

Nancy Pelosi

Irritated, Pelosi, a self-professed devout Catholic, interrupted: “Is this a speech, or do we have a question in disguise as a speech?”

The reporter continued, citing a letter from the U.S. bishops, in which the bishops vowed not to comply with the law, and asked: “will you stand with your fellow Catholics in resisting this law or will you stick by the Administration?”

“First of all, I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the Administration on this.

I think it was a very courageous decision that they made, and I support it,” the minority leader responded.

The comment came as at least 164 Catholic bishops across the country, representing over 90% of the country’s dioceses, have blasted the mandate, in many cases ensuring that letters were read to the faithful during Sunday Mass calling the mandate unconstitutional and unjust.

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C.C.C. #2272 ...latae sententiae - automatic excommunication. The Church don't even have to tell them on public or so. Whoever supports abortion is automatically excommunicated. So, those people call themselves "Catholics" or "devout Catholics" are not Catholics at all. They receive communion, they receive double death. How sad, they need prayers.
holyrope 3
Is Pelosi going to be excommunicated...any bishops out there? Any bishops going to Speak up about her publicly defying Catholic teaching and being allowed to receive the sacraments??
It is the responsibility of every Catholic to hear the Church and not pelosi. We cant expect the Shepards of the Holy Church to chastize anyone, for 40 years, they have gave freedom to everyone do as they please in the Church. Once they tempered with the Mass, everything else goes.
It is the Worship of God that holds us together in belief. Once the Worship as up to the Bishop or priest to make up as they go along, so are the teachings of the Church. that is what Catholics have been led to belief since the changes of the Mass. "Lex Orandi, Lex Crendence."
Please some bishop if your reading this please please excommunicate Pelosi now! Maybe once she is officially damed maybe she will change her views, and if not so be it let her roast!

Could someone explain to me how this woman is still a catholic?

Yeah, the Catholic church allowing this to happen over many, many years. She should be excommunicated not just for this, but for her stance on abortion as well.I say again, it should not be a wonder why the Catholic church has so many problems; they are embroiled in politics too.

Pretty simple deal,

NO one in the Catholic Church of … [More]