Pope Francis Kicks Out Monsignor Guido Marini

Pope Francis will use a “term limit” in order to get rid of Monsignor Guido Marini, 52, the Master of Pontifical Liturgical Ceremonies. Marini has for a long time been under suspicion to be “too Catholic”. His successor will be Monsignor Diego Ravelli. The appointment will be announced on December 6. When appointed in 2007, Marini was connected to Benedict XVI’s alleged desire for a reform of the reform which never materialized. Now, he will become the rector of a local shrine in northern Italy.

Picture: Guido Marini, ©, CC BY-SA, #newsNdnyernjdz

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Never could understand how he could put up with such evildoers within the walls of the Vatican.
Jim Dorchak
Maybe it is time to start at movement in the Church called "WE WANT OUR TRADITION & OUR OLD CHURCH"!
Grazie Msgr Guido Marini for your the impossible....perhaps now you could worship ad orientem in your little local shrine in northern Italy...
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