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German Bishop, Married Priests Almost Certain

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf of Mainz, Germany, is “pretty sure” that celibacy will be abolished in the next years.

Kohlgraf spoke to the German anti-Church monthly Herder Korrespondenz.

He admitted that abolishing celibacy would not automatically solve an alleged problem of priest-shortage.

[Especially liberal bishops who fail to attract vocations, hope that abolishing celibacy they could liberate themselves from this embarrassment]

Picture: Peter Kohlgraf, © Bistum Mainz, Pressebild, #newsDgcysqmwig
Sunamis 46
Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to help us through this time
mccallansteve --- I do not see us Catholics "getting along" with protestants as that high of a goal in these times. I can tell neither do you. I actually find the idea impossible so long as they reject the Real Presence, the sacrament of Confession, the praise and honor given only to the Virgin Mary, and the doctrine of purgatory. Would it not be better if we both spent our time evangelizing a … More
Lets just get this over and done with. Can the Church just declare itself protestant and then we can all get along.