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Remember: Sexual Abuses Are Preceded by Liturgical Abuses - By Dr Geoffrey Brushwood

I am at the moment in the United States. My wife and I joined my sister and family - six lovely children - on their summer trip to the sea side.

We were at [...] on the outer banks, off the shores of [...], for a week.

Sadly, the Sunday mass experience at the Holy Trinity Church there was horrendous. Men in shorts, not a jacket and tie in sight. I stuck out like a sore thumb dressed like Prince Philip.

There was a zoo like atmosphere before mass. Everyone talking as if at a bazaar.

Then a man walked to the microphone and suggested we introduced ourselves to each other. I could only manage a fierce stare and held onto my hands when someone tried to grab them.

There was a piano refrain throughout the Mass, at once rising and then quiet just like the waves nearby.

There were no kneelers, and NO ONE KNELT at any point in the Mass, except our family. And people looked upon us with kind condescension as if looking at idiots who don’t know how to behave in polite company.

But the best of the worst was the priest’s performance. He had a severe speech impediment. A stammer that was far worse than the worst I’d seen as a doctor. Sad for him but sad for us too as it was impossible to follow what he said.

If he’d applied to be the ten o clock news anchor at CNN I’m afraid he’d be turned down. Just as a blind man would not be picked for the sniper team in the SAS.

Surely one has to set one’s targets based in reality.

Isn’t there a rule about men wanting to be priests not having speech impediments? Just as they ought not to be habitual sodomists?

By the way, I can sense the palpable anger in ordinary Catholics about all the chaos engulfing the church in the US again.

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If I have to attend a 'strange' church (and most are), I always take hand sanitizer for the "Peace be with you" handshakes (which today also passes for confession, "Peace be with you, fuggitabout it!). The worst, though, is when someone asks for an "extra" when they go for communion.
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angry bob
Been looking into a Byzantine parish about an hour away.
Lack off FAITH is fallowed by lack off MORALITY.
No God in your life - everything is possible.... focus on power... on hedonism...on money...
Common known rule.
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I too would be angry Bob if I had to attend a n o mess. Just a month ago I made the decision to only attend the TLM. Does that mean possible missing Mass on Sunday? Only God knows the future. I grew tired of being extremely mad all the moments preceding, during and after a happy novus ordo mess. Pray hard and I am sure you will find what God is asking of you.
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angry bob
I live in farm country in the middle of Ohio. Not a TLM in site what would you have me do? I have to put up what you experianced every day. I hate it but I have no choice but to grin and bare it. Yes I have looked up TLM in my area and none are within reasonable driving distance.
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Dr Geoffrey. End all of your turmoil and attend exclusively a Traditional Latin Mass. There you will find peace and a Mass suited for the Sacrifice of our Lord to His Father. Not one iota of ecumenism has dare to seep into it's unchanged liturgy. The Mass you attended was fabricated in the 60's by a committee with the help of 6 Protestants, who did/do not believe in the Real Presence. Lex orand… More
It's best to never go to the NO mass, under any circumstances
The Novus Ordo Missae is one big liturgical abuse. It really doesn't matter whether it's like the above or done in Latin ad orientem in an Oratorian oratory.
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