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Vatican Secretary of State Invited To Oligarch Conference

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, will participate in this year’s Bilderberg Conference, a secretive meeting of about 150 Western oligarchs. The conference will take place in Turin, Italy, June 7-10.

Until recently, the attendee lists for these annual meetings were kept highly confidential. Even the existence of the Bilderberg Conference had long been firmly denied by those involved. There has always been a complete and total ban of any media coverage.

The late Cuban president Fidel Castro called Bilderberger a clique “to install a world government”. Novus Ordo Watch called the conference rightly a “covert, conspiratorial, and anti-Catholic enterprise”.

De Profundis
Interesting that Malachi also mentions in 'Windswept House' that Turin is a centre of Satanism.
Hey charitable geniuses who are supposed to defend your church: if you get invited to your neighbor's house, it doesn't mean you actually went there or if you did, that you agree with his habit of beating his wife.
Birds of a feather....
Jim Dorchak
I thought Catholics were not supposed to be members of secret groups?
I'm not surprise.... when will the catholic Church wake up?