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Youth Delegate: The Church Should Be "Open to All" - Really?

Practicing Homosexuals allegedly "live their faith within the Church too" and "should feel as children of God and not as problems,” Silvia Teresa Retamales Morales, a Chilean delegate to the Youth Synod insisted during an October 15 press conference.

In the last fifty years the Church has had huge problems with abuses perpetrated by homosexual clergymen.

Nevertheless, Retamales called on the Church to be “open to all" [pious Catholics?], "not judgmental" [regarding Catholic Orthodoxy?], not to "discriminate against minorities" [Traditionalists?] or people with different sexual orientations [Pedophiles?].

And, ”The Church has to be more inclusive” - Retamales continued her litany, playing up to the official narrative of the oligarchs.

alex j
Given the acceptance of the "gay agenda" amongst many members of the church's hierarchy, perhaps it time to turn our attention to welcoming into the church those who are marginalised because, of little known sexual orientation called "Necrophilia"! If that is too disgusting for sensitive souls, ask yourselves, is it really that more disgusting than two men "apeing" the normal hetrosexual … More
No one is more hateful to a Conciliarist than a Catholic who wishes to pray as the Saints did. Abuse victims are overwhelmingly teenaged males, so homosexuals cannot be admitted as priests. Moreover, St Pius V ordered that actively homosexual priests be punished severely. The women talks nonsense to the fake FrancisSynod.
Lisi Sterndorfer
If anyone wanted to hear all these leftist talking points, they would find a political Party - not the Church.
Lisi Sterndorfer
"I have resisted to the best of my powers the spirit of liberalism in religion." John Henry Newman
Maybe we start resisting with truth and God's power.
paul grech
To really feel like children of God practising homosexuals should stop fornicating and repent of their disgusting behaviour!
Joseph a' Christian
Recently, E. Michael Jones stated, the anus is not a sexual organ.
Very reasonable, true statement. Except, not to the world.
Jesus help us, your tired remnant faithful.
@Tesa No, they already have an agenda in place. They are just entertaining them. The "leaders" will use the youth as an excuse to push agenda.
The Synod is listening to the (uniformed) opinions of "non-Christian youth" so that Catholic leaders can consider adjusting teaching and practice?
She sounds like your typical, under 30 nitwit. All slogans and emotion, zero thought.
The devil's workers treat Catholic teachings as problems.