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Rehabilitated by Pope Francis – Condemned By the Courts

Rodolfo Fiesoli, 76, the founder of Il Forteto in Vicchio, Italy, an acclaimed community for the reintegration of young offenders, was arrested on December 23 after his 14-years-sentence for the homosexual abuse of minors was definitively confirmed.

Fiesoli wanted to reproduce the educational experience of Father Lorenzo Milani, a left-wing homosexual with paedophile fantasies whose tomb Pope Francis recently visited by private helicopter.

Fiesoli was a member of the Don Lorenzo Milani Foundation. Il Forteto had the enthusiastic support of the liberal Church circles which now form a phalanx around Pope Francis. According to the judges, the homosexual abuse in the left-wing community was "systematic".

Picture: © Victor, Flickr, CC BY, #newsIczwsswxff
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