Anti-Catholic Hünermann Paved The Way To Francis’ Amoris Laetitia

German Father Peter Hünermann, the anti-Catholic theologian whom Benedict XVI criticised in a recent private letter, was received by Pope Francis in May 2015 for almost an hour in Santa Marta. Accor…
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis mentioned this post in In 2004 UCA appointed Doctor Honoris Causa upon the anti-Catholic Hünermann, when Zecca was the ….
Angie W.…/in-2004-uca-app… Authorities - Faculty of Theology Hünermann is also a member of the International Editorial Board Council of the UCA.
Biggest story here is Benedict XVI himself was betrayed who sent the letter as "personal and confidential: "Vatican bows to pressure, releases retired pope's letter"
Things that make you go, "Hmmm..."