Two-Hundred Catholics Protect Shrine With Their Lives

Chinese Catholics started a April 9 sit-in to protect the Marian shrine of Mujiping in the very poor district of Taibai, central China.

200 Catholics stood against at least 600 policemen according to (April 10).

The shrine is located in Fengxiang diocese, the same were the Communist regime destroyed the Catholic church in Quianyang on April 4 (video below).

Picture: ©, #newsFrraaryhkb

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@frjimanderson There's something else we can do besides repent. Vote hard-right every time (not just "republican")

By all rights, Catholics should be doing that already to protect and support the rights of the unborn. A Catholic who votes for a candidate who advocates murdering children and promoting homosexuality shares their sins..

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Roger that. It's coming here unless we repent. Our Church is in free fall. Our last hope is Divine Mercy and Our Mother's intercession. [Listen closely to Diane and Chuck and Bernie and Kamala, et al.]
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We need this kind of Faith, these people put most if not all Modernized American Catholics to shame!!!!
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