Francis Defends the Veil [of the Moslems]

Twenty-two headscarf-wearing Muslim girls were banned from Sainte Jeanne-d’Arc Catholic school in Dakar, Senegal, on September 3 according to media reports.

Senegal is an overwhelmingly Muslim country. The school has some 1,700 students and is run by the [veiled] nuns of Saint-Joseph de Cluny. It had enforced the rule that boys and girls should have “uncovered heads”.This sparked demonstrations with four people arrested for protesting outside the school.

However, the banned girls returned to classrooms on September 19 after a Nunciature brokered compromise which says that the scarf should be “of suitable dimensions” and should “not obstruct clothing.” The Nunciature requested a solution citing Francis’ “commitment to inter-religious dialogue” and “social cohesion”.

Had the girls been Catholic, Francis would have forced them to remove the veil.

Picture: Institution Sainte Jeanne-d’Arc, #newsEiixgyuaav
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The football stadium in Dakar is named after archbishop Lefebvre. What a pity.
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