A Homosexual Party for Cardinal McCarrick

The renowned journalist Marco Tosatti wrote on his blog (September 21) about a party thrown in honour Cardinal Theodore McCarrick somewhere in the Castelli Romani, a short distance south-east of …
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@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis Angamaly land deal case is not linked to this. Cardinal George Alancherry is the person behind that!
@josettan the old report is at the start of this nonsense. Just to show that GTV has been covering the story. If you look carefully, three posts below this particular post @Don Reto Nay has provided an update also. I maintain however from my sources that this is a nonsensical issue of settling a private grudge against the Bishop, who may not be a squeaky clean character however. But the issue … More
@St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis Other than this old video report you've linked, I didn't see any news stating the facts here. That's why I mentioned it. It is not fabricated as you think/hear of.
Poor Cardinal McCarrick, he is trading the, "glory" of this life for eternal damnation. Not a good choice.
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@josettan its Only an allegation. One that her own congregation denies. It seems all too contrived and politically motivated. In any case GTV is well aware since July this year. Have you just become aware of it? Miraculous Cardinal
Is unaware of the current case of Bishop Franco Mulakkal? He is the first bishop in Indian Catholic history to be arrested for a rape case!