Vatican, Strange Drug and Child Porn Case

47-year-old Ostilio Del Balzo, a longtime janitor for the Pontifical Council for Culture headed by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, left work on September 1 when he was arrested by police on Italian territory. He was in possession of 15 gram of cocaine and five usb sticks containing child pornography.

According to La Reppublica the police is convinced that drugs and pornography were not for the personal use of Del Balzo who has a clean criminal record and whose computer and phone contained no traces of child pornography.

Del Blazo has categorically refused to talk to the police. Even three months of custody did not make him speak. He risks a five-year sentence.

Picture: © Derek Key, CC BY, #newsArsizbilpp
He is covering for someone and probably fears for his life and has a family.
Smells like something fishy here ,the police should disclose whats going without being afraid ,and those guilty should be charged