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New Details Expose Sordid Trial Against Cardinal Pell

More evidence exposing the Melbourne mock trial against Cardinal George Pell was published by (December 17).

Pell was found "guilty" on December 11 of having "abused" two choristers of the Melbourne cathedral choir immediately following a 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass in the cathedral's sacristy which after Mass is full of people.

Prosecutors were not even able to identify a date and talked about "a period between August and December 1996".

One of the "victims" told his mother at least twice that he had never been sexually abused before he died of a drug overdose in 2014. The other who was present in court, told the mother only after her son died, about the "abuses".

As Melbourne Archbishop, Pell usually celebrated the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass at which the choir regularly sang. However, between August and December 1996, this happened only twice because of restoration works.

On both of the occasions, the choir held practices immediately following the Mass so that the absence of two choristers would have been immediately noticed.

In one of these Sundays, Pell had been with guests immediately following Mass.

A priest who was present every time when Pell celebrated Mass in the cathedral, told police, “At no time before, during or after Mass was the Archbishop in direct contact with anyone except that I was present."

Another witness told the court that Pell required help to remove his vestments after Mass and therefore could not have been alone there.

The same witness told Victoria police that the layout of the cathedral did not align with the accusations.

The judge excluded the defence from discussing in court anything which could bear upon the credibility of the [lying] accuser.

Picture: George Pell, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsCwrxirreaw mentioned this post in Did Vatican Support Pell’s Detractors?.
Sunamis 46
Have they done it to him
One day they do to us
alex j
@GTVisrocking. Why the vitriol??? It would appear you are a friend? personal confidant maybe? a fellow priest? of Cardinal Pell. I am a Melbournian who was at the first Latin Mass celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Pell [ circa late 90's] I never meet the Cardinal personally nor do I have any personal axe to grind. So again, why the vitriol over my description of the Cardinal as not a "holy priest" … More
alex j
@GTVisrocking Holy Priest??? Oh it was So!- I pass no personal judgement on Card. George Pell. Innocence or guilt, is the purview of a court. He was a Pope John Paul's man, who experienced a meteoric rise up the "corporate ladder." Holy??? Nah! Go getter??? Jah!
Did that knucklehead say that one of those little boys who was present at the pool back then came forth and stated on a TV program that Cardinal Pell is innocent, he did NOT do anything of the sort?... No knucklehead did not!
There is nothing worse than someone who has the audacity to blog crap without knowing absolutely nothing. Anyone who knows Cardinal Pell on a personal level knows he would … More
Who is damaging Cardinal Peel ??
Wicked and evil, May God rebuke them for what they have done to this innocent Cardinal. Ever wondered just how much the devil hates Holy Priest, then look at the long suffering this poor Cardinal has gone through, it is pure evil! St Micheal please defend Cardinal Pell against such wickedness!
Can somebody tell me why Randy Engel draws an entirely different picture of Cardinal Pell?…/the-pell-case-w…
Easy, Randy Engel knows jack S-it. If she knew just a touch of what has gone on down under for many years wanting to destroy Dr. Pell she would beg God for forgiveness for such calamity and lies against a true Shepard of the lord. I pray she asks God for forgiveness!