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Unjust: All Chilean Bishops Resigned – No Individual Case Will Be Investigated

All Chilean bishops have submitted their written resignation to Pope Francis on May 17.

They have been in the Vatican in the last days to meet Francis and talk about alleged homosexual abuses in Chile which have been greatly exaggerated. The standard accusation against the bishops is that they have "hushed them up" although no proof has been brought forward for this.

Pope Francis will accept only the resignations of those bishops he or the oligarch media considers as their enemies.

The main accuser of the bishops who is strongly pushed by the oligarch media, is a certain Juan Carlos Cruz. A naturalized U.S. citizen and vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, in July 2017 he posted a photo on Twitter showing him campaigning for gay pseudo-marriage.

Giving in to pressure from such circles will further encourage the homosexual lobby.

Further, the Vatican's procedure is unjust. No just law can support a collective responsibility or collective punishment. If there are credible allegations, the individual case needs to be investigated and evidence has to be presented.

This is a 'set up' of some kind. We will see what 'The Francis' does. Francis also told Juan Carlos Cruz, if we can believe reports, that his homosexuality was 'God ordained'. That 'God made him that way', and to 'embrace who he is'. If this is true, Francis is paving the way for his ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of his ordain homosexual relations as 'God given' within the … More
Gesù è con noi
The Homosexual Priest also are using our money to silence the victims who then live as homosexuals who are enemies of the teachings of the Catholic Church.…/lgbt-activists-…
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio we are also waiting for your resignation.…/francis-bergogl…
Bergoglio lied and covered them up by accusing Osorno of being a fool and now these scapegoats appear, renouncing altogether, without anyone paying to the Justice for the crime of concealment of child sexual abuse that is paid with jail, not only with resignation. And they must be laicized. These bishop… More
Jim Dorchak
100% chance they will be replaced (If at all) with homo bishops.
All this abuse is homosexual in nearly all cases. That really ought to be discussed.
What terrible bargain it turns out to be if personal criminal liability is achieved at the cost of Church responsibility. Especially, at the cost of sustaining moral authority and financial stability necessary for continual apostolate and visibility of the only true Church - Mystical Body of Christ.

Collective culpability for individual crime derives from misunderstanding of the requisites of … More