Ukrainian Church Does not Follow President Poroshenko Into Schism

The chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Anthoniy of Borispol (pictured), said that “our faithful feel betrayed” by the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople who granted independence to the schismatic Filaret group.

Talking to, Anthoniy said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Bishops’ Council re-affirmed the Church's internal unity and communion with the Moscow Patriarchate on November 13.

Only Metropolitan Simeon of Vinnitsa refused to sign the decision, but after being confronted with strong opposition from his clergy and faithful, he had to declare that the declaration of unity was also valid for his diocese.

Initially, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had promised to Bartholomew that 20 to 25 bishops would join the Filaret group.

Anthony accuses the [bought] media and the [corrupt] Ukrainian government to promote the schismatic Filaret group. But, “‘Constantinopolitan autocephaly’ is not finding support among our faithful.”

Therefore, Poroshenko is attempting “to scare our bishops and priests”, Anthony added, “The mass media have issued dozens of articles with dirty accusations against bishops and priests popular in our society.” Security Service officials have summoned bishops for talks.

Anthony adds that Poroshenko's Filaret group does not have validly ordained priests and bishops,

"In the beginning of the schism, bishops were ordained by adventurists who were not even priests, who deceived the first schismatics and ‘ordained’ them as ‘bishops’ and had problems of moral nature." and 9 other users link to it.
Un truc entre orthodoxes, c'est-à-dire entre schismatiques : sans intérêt !
Already in schism, so this would be a Muscovite schismatic rather than a Constantinople one.